2009 was a more eventful year than I’d realized; every time I discuss what happened, I find later that I’ve left out some major things. I haven’t had the crappy year so many people have, but it’s definitely been a full year.

In general stuff:
I had six poems published this year, which is more excited than the number makes it sound because they’re my first six published poems. I even got paid (mostly $1, once $100) for five of them.

Knitting: I’ve completed 25 knitting projects for the year – many were small things, like the baby hats for colleagues, but there were also four sweaters (two cardigans and a sleeveless sweater for me and a cardi for Mom) and a lace shawl. I’ve also put up four patterns on Ravelry (all free, also downloadable from here) – rowing socks, two hats and a scarf.

Rowing: Rowed 1623642 meters according to my logs (so over 1623 km), mostly on the rowing machine – close to the distance from Philadelphia to Miami, or in other words I rowed more this year than I ever traveled any time in my life up to age 21. In that is included a marathon PR, my first marathon under 4 hours, and competing in three races in the World Masters Games in Sydney.

Reading: I don’t keep track, but given that I got the Kindle last Christmas, there are about 150 books on it with only 10 or so unread, I have bought and read paper books and I’ve reread some (lots) of my owned books, I must have read at least a couple hundred. I’d bet at least half of that is YA fantasy, and there’s probably a higher proportion of new books this year than in most other ones, just because finding and buying new books is easier and cheaper on the Kindle.

Time-bound stuff:
Q1 (Jan-Mar):

At the beginning of the year I was asked to take the role of Customer Support Process & Compliance Team Lead – not my first time having people reporting to me but my first time in this company. I believe both my managers and my reports were pretty happy with me there.

In the end of January / beginning of February we went to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, for our Chinese New Year’s break. We also got to spend a few days in Stockholm – I want to go back! While there we got to have a beer with someone I’ve known for years from the LordPeter list.

The cough I got in Sweden turned in bronchitis, the first time since I learned to knit that I was really just too ill to want to. I had a few random days off in there, because as a cost-cutting measure they made us take 15 days off in the first half of the year.

Oh, and I turned 42, but I still didn’t know the answers to life, the universe, or much of anything.

Q2 (Apr-Jun):
I didn’t have anything to do with this, but in April Ted raced the Elfstedentocht- the rowing version obviously, but it’s on the same 200-km course. They rowed it as a relay, but he still did over 50 km. In May I got to race in a dragonboat – I was invited by the Dutch team because they didn’t have enough women. I also got to move Ted’s boat to our warehouse at work on very little notice, which was an ordeal. At the beginning of the month we went to a Club Med in Malaysia for one of our very rare relaxing vacations – though I’m not sure our version of ‘relaxing’ matches other people’s.

In June I had LASIK. I think my eyes, or more accurately my brain, is still adjusting, but otherwise it’s been a definite success.

Q3 (Jul-Sep):
In July we finally had a party in our place for my coworkers. I think they like the food, though we served all American stuff. I joined the Science Fiction Poetry Association (that might have been earlier) and ran a poem contest themed around lunar maria. We had our biggest earthquake we’d felt to date, though it was topped by one last month. We started our Toastmasters chapter at work – I got sucked into being VP of Education, which means I schedule all the meetings. Lots of work.

Early August was Typhoon Morakot – not much damage here but it was terrible farther south. Later in the month we went to the US – I’d been looking to that trip all year because it was for my little brother’s wedding. We got to spend some time with my new sister-in-law (I will probably refer to her as the good SIL in future) for the first time, and to visit with my uncle for what turned out to be the last time.

Q4 (Oct-Dec):
My uncle died, after fighting cancer for two years.
Only a day after that, having been told by my parents not to change our plans, we flew to Australia where we raced in the World Masters Games, then spent some time in Sydney and in Tasmania. I wish I could also have been back home to support Mom, but as for my own support, being with old friends who’d actually met my uncle was great – we had a memorial dinner in view of the Sydney Opera House. Other than that it was a wonderful trip – I love Sydney, we got to meet up with two old online friends, and Tasmania is very beautiful.

In September I was asked to take a new role at work, same department. We spent some time figuring out the scope, and I started doing it in November, so I am now CS Worldwide Quality Manager. No direct reports any more (I kind of miss them) but my work is now very visible to two different VPs (CS and Quality) and if I do it well, will probably have a lot more impact on the company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction. It’s because of that role that I’ll be moving back to the Netherlands in April while Ted stays here until his contract finishes at the end of October. I had a work trip to the Netherlands as part of that, so I’ve been to six countries and four continents this year (Taiwan, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia, US Netherlands).

The biggest challenges I know about going into next year are the new job role and living away from Ted, though hopefully we’ll still have lots of trips when we see each other. I don’t know where I’ll be next New Year’s Day – depends on what happens with Ted’s job. The likeliest outcome is the Netherlands for another couple years. 2009 was a very full year; all I know about 2010 is that it probably will be, too, and that one way or another it’s a year of change.