Discussion the other day over dinner:

(Paula shrugs at something Ted says)
Paula: You know what’s really weird? There are some gestures I make that I can just feel are inherited from someone in my family. Like that shrug (tilts head to side and shrugs again). That one’s my uncle’s. I’ve only really noticed it in the last couple of months. [I.e. since he died.]
Ted: How can you tell it’s his?
Paula: I can just feel it – it’s the one he always used to do. And …. do you mind if I gross you out a bit?
Ted: Noooooo, go ahead.
P: When you have a big sneeze, and you’ve cupped your hands to cover your mouth, do you ever notice that it has a certain smell?
T: Uh, no….
P: You know how when you’re a little kid, your mom spits on a tissue and then wipes your face? And it always has a characteristic smell? That’s what my sneezes smell like. So basically, my spit smells like my mom’s, but I apparently only notice the smell of my own spit when I sneeze.
T: Really? That would be great for, like, an embryologist or a geneticist to study, but I bet no one’s ever looked at it. You should write that up somewhere where someone would see it.
P: …so you’re saying I should blog it?
T: But I’m saying it just for the science aspect!