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Erged this morning, yay. Funny thing, considering how often I feel like I am goofing off: I just noticed I have erged over a million meters so far this year – not bad since Concept II’s “year” starts May 1.

Question: Since I just looked at my watch and there are about four hours until I can leave work, why does it feel like I’ve been here forever? Answer: probably because I’ve been here six hours and left the office less than 12 hours before that (#(*&%$ Toastmasters.)

The to-do list below is mostly for my own reference, but it robably helps explain yesterday’s entry.

To do:

  • For S. Africa trip (mid-Feb):
    • Fill out trip information and medical forms (Mountain Travel-Sobek is thorough about trips they arrange.)
    • Figure out what clothing I need on trip.
    • Get vaccines for yellow fever and typhoid and pills for malaria.
    • Buy new camera body (and spare general-purpose lens) and figure out how to use it, despite high probability of instructions being in Chinese
  • For trip to Netherlands (first week of March)
    • Figure out who I want to meet with and let them know
    • Fill out trip request
    • Tell coordinator when I want to look at apartment
    • Schedule dinners with friends? (I didn’t last time and felt guilty about that)
  • For move: (tentatively scheduled for April 5, with packing in the week before)
    • Meet with coordinator and tell him what I’m taking (scheduled for tomorrow)
    • Decide what I’m taking in fine detail
    • Purchase things I can get here but not there (e.g. large packages of Q-Tips and Glad-Lock bags from Costco, because I find brand-name makes a difference in those)
    • Retrieve my boat from Yi-lan and get it near my apartment for the movers
    • Move as much as possible of what I’m taking into my craft room (and what I’m not taking out of it) to simplify for movers and reduce risk of mistakes

Of course these are all on top of all the work to-dos and other normal life stuff everyone has, plus staying fit enough so I don’t embarass myself when I get back to rowing on actual water.

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