bad combination

Yesterday I had another of those weird ocular migraines – only minor headache afterward, but for a while there I couldn’t see due to pre-migraine ‘aura’. (It’s a lot like the afterimage you’d get from looking into a very bright light, and obscures one side of my vision.) I have an annual health checkup on Friday, so I will mention this if there’s a doctor who speaks English well enough, just to verify that’s what it is. Normally I can tie it to stuffed-up or drippy sinuses, but this time I didn’t notice any though Ted did say I’d been snoring the night before. However, this was either the first time I’d had an ocular migraine caused by drinking coffee or else it was caused by something else but came along with a reaction to coffee. Normally these days I can have a very occasional cup of joe with no ill effects, but yesterday was one of those that reminded me why I don’t usually drink it. Maybe it’s because I was trying not to snack too much, maybe it was random chance.

Back before I figured out coffee was the trigger, I used to feel crappy after lunch every day – often queasy, generally running to the restroom. Now that doesn’t happen any more, I’ve got less and less tolerance for it. I didn’t actually feel as bad yesterday as I used to routinely, on an absolute scale, but it seems like it’s more annoying now. And yesterday the migraine and coffee issues either caused or exacerbated each other, which made it worse – first I couldn’t see much then I couldn’t focus my eyes together, and meanwhile my gut was all unsettled.

It’s one of those things – I can come up with all sorts of possible causes, but there’s no way of really knowing. Just general unspecified idiopathic yuck. I still don’t feel all that great today and am wishing I’d stayed home. Unfortunately I can’t just drive home, because we carpooled together and only have one car. I could take a taxi – it would cost about $20US, but we figured that an occasional cab ride home is a lot cheaper than owning a second car – but it just seems to unnecessarily dramatic for something which has no real cause that I can tell, and that experience says will probably eventually go away on its own.

Another reason I don’t want to flake out is because I’m running out of time in this office; I have this week and next, before we go away on vacation for two weeks. Then I’m back for one week before going off on a business trip (I timed this trip with one of Ted’s for both personal and practical reasons – having him there on my birthday so I won’t spend it alone for the third year in a row but also saving the company money on hotel rooms) and then I’m back for another two weeks before I’m gone for good. Five weeks. Eek!

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