looking ahead

I am definitely looking forward to the Apple announcements and rumored Mac Table on Thursday (Wednesday for most of you) though it’s more out of curiosity – I don’t expect to actually buy one any time soon or anything. The best possible scenario for me would be an unlikely one: a table with an e-ink screen on one side to read books, and a regular screen on the other side to do everything else, with a persistent wireless connection. I’d totally buy that. (The only problematic point would be if I couldn’t read my Kindle books on it, though if the other screen could handle the iPhone Kindle app at least I could read them there. And I’d want a replaceable memory card and battery, as long as I’m wishing, and a size not much larger than a Kindle. (The reported 10″ screen is too big for most of my purses.)

Another good thing I’ve just realized is that we will be in South Africa during much of the Winter Olympics. We’ll be going out in early mornings and late afternoons, so during midday I can be in front of the TV. Uh, if our lodge has TV – I didn’t check because I normally don’t care. Oops. Just checked – so much for that idea! No problem for me, since I can read and knit, but I’d better warn the boy. Also: less than two more weeks until we go on “safari”!

Oh, and I’m feeling much better since this morning, thanks.

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  1. Nancy Barber says:

    I’m trying hard to keep myself from an early buy, assuming the tablet is what I hope–a larger device than my iPod Touch, suitable for ebooks as well as light computing including some form of efficient text input. (The iPhone OS touch-screen keyboard doesn’t qualify.) Wireless, of course.

    The usual Murphy’s Law of electronics purchases haunts me, so that I buy just before the slightly tweaked and significantly lower priced ‘next model’ comes out. The buzz seems to think an Apple tablet will be pricey (of course) but the price might get reduced fairly soon. I’m telling myself to not buy too soon….but I can tell I’m going to have trouble resisting.

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