Rogue sweater has gone rogue

This sweater is just going to be touch and go all the way though, I see. I currently have about 2 balls of yarn left, with half a sleeve and half the hood to go. I’d feel a lot better about it if I’d managed to find more than one more ball of yarn last week – clearly I wouldn’t have had enough without it. I’ve worked on other sweaters that miraculously took much less yarn than I’d expected; this one is the opposite, just eating yarn. I have a few possibilities if I do run out:

  • snip a stitch and unravel the hem facing of the sweater body, then pick up the remaining stitches and reknit it in a contrasting yarn (which I did use for the sleeve hem facings).
  • re-knit the sleeves a little narrower. I think my gauge is off just a hair, so everything is a bit bigger than expected, which is why I’m so short on yarn. I do like the easy fit, though.
  • unravel until I have just a few inches of the hood, then turn it under and sew it to make a stand-up collar.
  • unravel the hood and then reknit some length of it but backwards, with the cables on top and let that flap sit on my back in sort of a sailor collar.
  • go back to the yarn store (but when??) and see if another ball of this yarn has magically appeared.

Actually, the stand-up collar idea would involve the least amount of rework and be very wearable – I’d be unlikely to ever wear the hood up anyway. But I’ll go on knitting just in case I have enough yarn to do it as planned, and if it’s very close to enough, maybe try that idea with the hem facings – they’d lie flatter in a finer yarn anyway.

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