what more could you want on a Friday night?

Last night was great! We decided to go out to a pizza place a few stops down the MRT. It’s right near where a bunch of people from work live, so we called one of them to join us and he promised to call another. The other guy couldn’t come and the first guy’s wife is back in the US, so it was the three of us. Then one of the Dutch guys who works for Ted came in, complete with wife, visiting in-laws …. and month-old baby we hadn’t yet gotten to see. So I got baby-snuggling time (and got spit up on, thoroughly. Oops. My own fault for burping him after feeding without a burpcloth – I don’t have good baby-handling skills any more.)

Decent wine, a place that wasn’t crowded on a Friday night, good company, the best pizza in Taipei (that’s not faint praise; it compares with the best I’ve had in the US, though it’s a thin-crust style I don’t often see there), homemade tiramisu, and a baby … the only thing that could have made it better would have been getting to pet the cat who’s been there other times we went to that restaurant.

(It’s called Alley Cats. It’s on an alley and they have a cat.)

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  1. LA says:

    Neat-o! An excellent night on the town! ~LA

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