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We were a bit tardy in planning this year (because our initial plans fell through) but it looks like we’ll be spending Chinese New Years in South Africa, shooting big game (with cameras only). We’ll be spending time in the … Continue reading

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the Whatsit

I got the new computer pretty much set up yesterday – since both old and new are Macs, that was pretty much just a matter of hooking them together, letting them talk to each other, and then gently pointing out, … Continue reading

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The good news: I am typing this on a sleek new MacBook Pro (which replaces an old MacBook Pro – the planned purchase got moved up a month or so because within the last day or two I noticed that … Continue reading

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recipe: Weekday Jambalaya

I improvised, and this was a huge success: much tastier than the more traditional jambalaya I made a while back (which was a bit bland, honestly) and took about a third as long. This is definitely a “poor skills” recipe, … Continue reading

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She’s haunting me!

Perhaps more experienced writers can tell me: when you’ve published a poem or story or whatever on a given topic, and that topic comes up somewhere, how long does it take before it stops being really really hard not to … Continue reading

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just thinking…

I’m trying to figure out my move dates. I have four days off for organizing the move, which I can use either here or there. I may have some vacation time I can use up here, depending how they prorate … Continue reading

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Computer geekery – advice sought

I plan to buy a new laptop before I leave here. Computers and electronics are much cheaper here than in the Netherlands; they’re a little more expensive than in the US (well, upper-end stuff is; local brands or things like … Continue reading

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needle geekery (non-knitters beware)

My birthday’s coming up in a couple of months, and I’m considering getting myself a new set of interchangeable knitting needles. Problem is, I’m not sure a perfect set is out there. What I currently have is a set of … Continue reading

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Review: The Shadow Conspiracy

I am reading the short story collection The Shadow Conspiracy, edited by Laura Anne Gilman and Phyllis Irene Radford, and it’s lovely. I don’t think I’d really understood the structure of the book before starting it; it is a collection … Continue reading

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