I’m not quite running on all cylinders today; partly this is because I’m warding off an encroaching UTI with copious amounts of fluids, some of which are orange juice. (I don’t think cranberry juice would be easy to find here.) Partly is because I’ve been wide awake since 5AM. Around 6 I ave up on sleep and light a light weight workout (that is, only a few crcuial exercises, not light weights!) I don’t seem to be totally crashing, fortunately – I was afraid the 5AM waking was my body saying, “5:30 game drive, let’s go!!! …. we nap later, right??” The unfortunate thing is that I have a 9PM telecon tonight that’s one I never enjoy anyway (it’s with a rather forceful VP). On the upside, I came back to only 134 emails in my inbox, since the rest of Taiwan was out last week for Chinese New Year.

In addition to all the knitting stuff, I finally did some getting ready for the move; filed loose papers (I generally let them pile up, then file a bunch at once), culled clothing that doesn’t fit, moved things that won’t go with me out of the room that is Moving Central. (Also known as my craft room, which is why I didn’t do such a great job blocking Damson.) What I told the movers’ coordinator person is that everything movable in that room will go with me, except the desk chair (I will probably take that out too – movers tend to go into packing frenzies and next thing you know they’ve carefully wrapped up your trash and put it in a box.) Outside that room, only a few marked things or clusters of things will go: the clothes on my side of the closet, one dresser and contents of a few other drawers, the erg, the two short bookshelves and their contents, and then my oars, bikes, and boat.

I’ve also concocted a Devious Plan for next week’s trip to the Netherlands; I will leave my suitcase there, either in the office or the rowing club’s boathouse or in a corner of someone’s house. That way I’ll have two suitcases of clothing (shoes, books, yarn) to live out of for the five weeks until my stuff gets there. And if I am a Very Good Girl and cross my fingers just right, the new Kindle will be here tomorrow. I ordered it on the next-to-last day in S. Africa, carefully waiting until then because Amazon said somewhat unbelievably that their International Priority Courier would have it to me in a mere two days. I didn’t want it to arrive before I did – I had to give money to our apartment guard in case customs are due, though I think the courier service actually deals with that (there was a fee that seemed to be for it). They fibbed, of course, but it has arrived in-country and now just needs to be delivered.

*twiddles thumbs*

*rechecks package tracking*

*repeat ad lib*