So I went to the doctor today. They began by taking a urine sample of course; I had some forebodings when I saw it (crystal clear; I’ve been drinking a *lot* of water) and they proved out. The doctor said that there is no trace of a UTI. The annoying part of this is that he didn’t seem to have any idea of what might be causing my symptoms. He just gave me some painkillers, which I probably won’t take since I only really have discomfort, not pain. Things are better than a couple of days ago, so I guess I just hope they keep going that way – and see a Dutch doctor if not. (There you have to sign up for a particular doctor near where you live – wonder if I can still go where I was registered before?)

I still don’t feel quite right; I’m kind of wondering if some of that (the definite physical part) is because I’ve been drinking so much water and the rest of it (the ‘just not right’ part) is just from being somewhat panicky for no good reason (other than stress and a possible side effect of the malaria drug we’re still on for a few more weeks).

After coming back from the doctor, I went to the bank to transfer some money to my US account, only to find that the branch near me closes at 3:30. (Normally we go to the one near work at lunchtime, so I never had occasion to look at their hours.) At least I was able to take money out – my ATM card, which seemed to be completely unrecognizable by machines in South Africa, works just fine here.

I did finally get a call back from UPS (or maybe their broker) saying that the Kindle would be delivered today, and sure enough I got back from the bank to see the UPS truck pulling up in from of my building. So I have Kindle, yaaaaaaaay!!

Though even with that there are a few further annoyances: downloading a book internationally over WhisperNet is $1.99 USD, so I guess I’ll be continuing to download via my computer. Still, it’s nice to have the option – and that extra $1.50 still makes it cheaper than either buying a US book here (probably), in the Netherlands (certainly), or paying shipping for a paper copy. It seems to work OK, and I had most of my books saved on my computer, so transferring them to the new Kindle was practically instant.

Now I have to name it. The old one is Ook (after the Unseen University Librarian). The iPod Touch is Spot (after Dairine’s computer / Wizard’s Manual in the So You Want to be a Wizard books). Since it has Text-to-Speech, two possibilities are Mo or Meggie, after the characters in Inkspell / Inkheart / Inkdeath who can make books come alive by reading them aloud. I still like the librarian idea, but the only other fictional one I can think of offhand is Marian, and she’s not right. (Well, I can think of lots of others, but they’re all bit characters.)

ETA: Or, of course, I could call the Kindle 2 OokOok.