Tuesday evening it was still showing as delayed, so I emailed Amazon – at that point I had no reason to think there were problems, but I did suggest that they might want to list more accurate dates for delivery. It’s not like anything ever glides through Customs without delay, in any country!

They emailed back and told me to call UPS International Shipping (at a US number). So I did, though I’m not thrilled at having to make international calls for something that isn’t my fault. UPS told me to call their Taiwan office, which thrilled me even less, since I didn’t expect them to speak much English. I asked a couple of colleagues to stand by for linguistic help and made the call. To my surprise, they not only had a “press 2 for English” option but it actually got me someone who could speak decent English. (This is often not the case. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone at UPS in a non-English company not to speak my language, but I was hoping for more help from their main US offices.) They told me I needed to send in a power of attorney form and another specific ebook form, and they’d have their customs broker call me back.

She did email the forms, which turned out to be in Chinese. Helpful colleague to the rescue! I faxed those plus a copy of my passport. Eventually in the late afternoon, the broker called me back – he couldn’t read the fax of the passport. He also couldn’t speak English. Helpful colleague spoke to him, and got an email address for me to mail the passport copy.

When I got home, the same forms were waiting for me on the mail desk – apparently UPS had stopped by. At least it’s reassuring to know they were going to tell me those forms were needed!

As of this morning, Amazon tracking still lists the package as delayed in customs. I have already called UPS, who again is going to have their broker call me back. I’m working from home today due to a doctor’s appointment, with no Chinese-speaking colleagues handy, so we’ll see how that goes. I did warn the UPS person to tell them I need to talk to someone who can speak English.

I’m kind of looking forward to moving someplace where at least I have a chance of being able to figure out documents for myself. It’s frustrating to be so clueless.