Taiwan Olympic coverage sucks (in general and even worse for the Winter Olympics. I finally just went ahead and bought the skating on iTunes, so at least I can see one sport, even if the competition is actually over.

Two quick thoughts after the men’s short program:

Whoever choreographed Brezina (to Puttin’ on the Ritz) ‘s routine is brilliant – I’ve never seen anyone allude to tap dance in an ice skating routine before.

I hope the parents who abandoned Amodio on the streets of Brazil as an infant was watching these Olympics. The two reasons I can imagine abandoning an infant are because you are scum who doesn’t care, or because you honestly think the baby would be better off without you in its life, whatever pain that causes for you. (I don’t know the whole story – whether he was left in a dumpster or carefully swaddled on orphanage steps or what.) I hope anyone who might be his parents is watching, in order to feel shamed or validated as appropriate. (And I’m glad he ended up with good *real* parents.)

Scott Hamilton is doing a decent job as announcer – at least, he hasn’t really annoyed me yet.