I wasn’t really going to do anything for Passover this year, what with the move and, well, being in a country that doesn’t sell any Passover food. But I’ve been feeling like I have a cold all day; I think it’s really allergies because of all the dust we kicked up yesterday getting my boat here and getting stuff out of our storage locker, and because this seems to happen pretty often just before my period. Anyway, allergies or not, it’s enough to make matzah ball soup sound very appealing. So I cheated; I pulled out a couple of boxes of organic chicken broth (which I hope won’t kill us despite being well past the sell-by date) and doctored it up with onion, carrots, celery, scallions and herbs (dried, didn’t see any fresh at the supermarket. I pulled some chicken out of the freezer and defrosted it in cold water. Once Ted gets home I’ll broil that, or more likely get him to do it, and make some mashed potatoes, steam some asparagus in the microwave and open a bottle of wine. It’s not really a Seder dinner, but at least I’ll feel like I’ve had a taste of the holiday. (No matzah, but how much taste does *that* have anyway?)

I realized two things in the process: I forgot to put my crockpot with the stuff to move, and the crockpot was a bad idea to make the soup anyway, because it heats so slowly. I’ve got the soup moved to a stockpot on the stove now. It won’t be a big problem not having the crockpot there, since I plan to buy a Dutch oven/stoofpot/cocotte, which can do the same sort of thing on th stovetop.