No, not really.

Of course I realized what else could go in the air freight (I get 30 kilos) right after they sealed the box. Oh well. Supposedly the airfreight will arrive in 10 days and the stuff that goes by sea in 5 weeks, but when we came to Taiwan the air freight got hung up in Customs and the sea freight arrived early, so they were only a week or two apart. My luggage is already at 20 kg and I haven’t added my computer yet (I’m bringing both work and personal laptops, one in my suitcase and one in my carry-on) so I’m pretty sure it will be overweight, but if it is I’ll just pay for a kilo or two. Hopefully I can use air miles from their partnered program.

The movers seem slightly taken aback by my boat – they knew about it, of course, but it is 9″ longer than the container, so they’ll need to be a little creative. The coordinator asked if they could move it with Ted’s boat when he comes out if the fit is too tight, but to do that I’d have to take it back to Yi-Lan – if I leave it in the park here it will get damaged whenever they move it out for typhoons. I think they can slant it if necessary, on a base of boxes.

They arrived 45 minutes ago and have packed about 15 boxes so far. Pretty fast!