When the movers came back after lunch, they took all my stuff downstairs and stacked it on the sidewalk. I felt sort of like a homeless person. Well, OK, a homeless person with a truly ridiculous amount of stuff. All told it came to 50 boxes, which seems like an awful lot considering it’s only clothing, books, assorted stuff, one bookshelf, one small chest of drawers and a storage ottoman.

They packed up everything, from my rowing shell (carefully labeled “CANOE”) and oars (carefully labeled “PADDLES”) on down to a big piece of styrofoam I took in case I need to cartop the boat to the boathouse in EIndhoven. Even the styrofoam was boxed (carefully labeled, you guessed it, “STYROFOAM”).

I can’t say I’m totally sure my boat will survive the voyage unscathed, but they really did a pretty good job; it’s supported by boxes and tied to the roof of the container so it can’t move much. I thought the container would be quite empty, but it’s fuller than I expected. Not as full as it looks, however; in a really genius move, they used empty boxes to fill out the remaining empty floor area, so nothing can shift. They were good about taking suggestions from me, too, so the boat is padded with cushions of extra bubble-wrap at all support points and under all the tiedowns, and they taped all the empty boxes (which, by the way, are carefully labeled “EMPTY BOX”) together so they’re less likely to shift in rough seas.

I got pretty filthy climbing into the truck to check on stuff and take pictures. I’ll have to do at least one more load of laundry before I leave. Luckily, since I don’t have a whole lot of clothing left, it turns out Ted’s cargo shorts fit me quite nicely!