What I meant to buy today: short pajama bottoms and a soap dish, maybe some groceries.
What I actually bought: um, pretty much a spring summer wardrobe.

Two dresses, one skirt, two cardigans, and a bunch of layering pieces (3 camisoles, 2 long-sleeved tissue weight jerseys, two pair leggings. And a skyblue knit slip dress).

Also this, because I forgot to include it in the original photo:
(all of the above are from a store called Noa Noa.)

Also two shoulder bags (black and brown – I do already have a brown one but it’s a lot larger, didn’t have a black one nicer than my Sherpani canvas bag, which is great for traveling but not very dressy.) Also pajama bottoms, a soap dish, and some groceries. And a gold chain, because I have some nice pendants I never wear because the chains are much too long.

Yes, I did spend a shitload of money. Oops.

On the other hand it’s all very functional and combines into a bajillion outfits. After all, I have just moved to a completely different climate and really need to learn to dress in layers here, and also Ted (who knows our company better than I do) suggested that I ought to dress up a bit more as I move into my new role at work. So for example I can wear the natural linen dress just over the lilac cami when it’s warm or over the lilac jersey, the netting underskirt, and the taupe leggings when it’s cool. Or over the taupe cami and taupe leggings. Or the white dress over the same underpinnings or the aqua ones. The printed silk skirt is magic, because it looks good with *everything* in those photo except the dresses – I really like it with the netting underskirt, the taupe leggings, lilac cami, and green cardigan. Or the taupe cardigan, which can be worn shrug-length with the dresses or waist-length with the skirt. The blue slipdress is the odd piece out here, though I suppose I could wear it with the white dress, but I bought it to wear with a black skirt and cardi, or under my black wrap dress, or my navy sheath dress, or a navy skirt.

The other thing is that I’m probably releasing some pent-up pressure in sheer relief a finding things that fit. I’ve been saying that I don’t fit into clothing in Taiwan or the Netherlands, but it’s not really true; the major problem here is really just with trousers and jeans being too long. (There’s a minor problem with too-long sleeves, but I can just push those up a bit.) So buying skirts and dresses is really a good solution.

I definitely overdid it, but at least I did it well.