Not-very good steak; burned fried potatoes; mushrooms fried in butter; salad; burned garlic bread.

None of it was really my fault; I’m adjusting to new ingredients and new equipment, and Ted was supposed to be watching the garlic bread. And the steak was what the supermarket sells (I didn’t buy a steak when was at the butcher because I already had these.) Also everything took forever too cook and then seemed to burn very quickly (it didn’t help that it took me a while to realize that every time you open the oven you have to hit the Start button again.

Not my fault, but I don’t think I get any good wife points for this dinner* 🙁

At least the wine was good.

*No, it’s not like Ted expects it, and in fact he does about half the cooking. It’s just that when you cook for someone, especially when he’s visiting in *your* house, you want it to be tasty.