I think my endurance is starting to return (I’ve been slacking for a while, really). But yesterday I rowed 10 km, which was all the more notable because it was in my boat, Moonrise, which is a slow and heavy boat. It’s made to be used for open water or for learners; I took it yesterday because I wanted to do some intense short intervals, and for that it was better to have a heavier boat. Given how the Taiwan weather made me feel like I was rowing through molasses, this might be the furthest I’ve rowed in that boat.

It’s better than that though. I was intending to do a short, intense workout: warmup, about six intervals of about 30 seconds on, 1:30 off (actually, not having a timer with me, I used 15 strokes on, 30 strokes off), cooldown, for a total of maybe 6 km. And that would have been an extra long warm-up and cool-down; on the erg that workout would usually be about 4-4.5 km. But… well, the weather was OK, and I felt pretty good in the boat, and I needed to work on endurance anyway, and then there were a bunch of novices careening around he canal and I had to get past them before I could put on any real power… So I didn’t start my intervals until I was about 3 km from the boathouse; figured I’d do 3 on the way out and more if it felt better, then the rest coming back in. Um, yeah. Anyway. So all told, 12 intervals, 10 km. Almost like a real training session or something.

And it gets *still* better, because today I biked to work for the first time since 2007. From this apartment it’s about 6.5 km each way – more on the way in because I got lost. (There was an especially nice bike path, practically a bike freeway, paralleling the road. And then it stopped paralleling and I didn’t get off it soon enough.) Despite the getting lost, the ride in was nice: cool and crisp, mostly cloudy. I didn’t push it and never felt overtired, though my butt was certainly a little sore by the time I got to work. Unfortunately getting home was another story, because the Dutch weather was its usual fickle self and I got rained on, hard and cold. The temperature dropped to about 45F, the wind came up a bit, and the rains, they rained. Pfeh. Fortunately I had a warm enough jacket with a hood, but the parts of me not covered by it weren’t too happy.

Still, aside from sore tailbones and a bunch of hot spots on my hands, I feel pretty good about it all. I’d consider riding in tomorrow, but I think the weather will be worse and my butt needs a break.