I was right – it’s not really possible to take great crowd photos if you can’t get up above them. But I had to at least try.

This is just the queue for an ATM – a very uniformly-colored queue.

Here’s the crowd in the market square. As you can see, there is a wide variety of personal adornment.

And here’s the blaze of orange in the Plaza.

I wasn’t going to take these guys’ photos, but they seemed disappointed, so…

Bavaria Beer gave away dresses with a case of beer. I’m kind of sorry I didn’t get one as a souvenir – apparently they had a fashion designer figure out how to make them versatil and easy to wear for different figures. Albert Heijn’s giveaways are these Beesies – I once saw a woman at work wearing one around ear ear, like patriotic earmuffs

*interruption to say the game’s started! I just heard the national anthem and a loud cheer from outside. I’ll switch channels in a moment to see it, but first I want to see who wins the women’s eights in Lucerne.*

A small fan, and a tall one:

The Katharijnakerk seems unmoved by it all.

The US women won!!! Now over to the game.