a question and two boring anecdotes

1. YouTube videos suddenly won’t play for me – I just get a black box where the video should be. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why and how to fix it? Other information: it was working as recently as a week ago; I have checked for any software updates to make sure my version of Flash didn’t somehow suddenly go out of date; and I have tried YouTube.nl with the same result so it’s not a country-copyright thing.

2. I had a weird dream last night – the dream itself was fine, it was waking up that was scary. I dreamt that Ted and I were in a forest, time-traveling (or possibly alternate-world traveling) to different scenes with in it. We’d walk into a fuzzy bit and end up in a whole new area with different people, though still in a forest. It was fairly entertaining, actually. Then I woke up and he wasn’t there, and for a minute I panicked because we’d obviously gotten separated, and now I might never be able to find him in all those times / worlds.

Yes, the metaphors of my dreams are sometimes embarrassingly obvious.

3. Tonight was a logistical challenge. My old lamp had stopped working – it was one we bought here in late 2006, a halogen with an uplight and a reading lamp, and the uplight hadn’t worked since I got here. The reading light gave out on Wednesday, or rather the second bulb I’ve replaced in it since April did, and I decided that it was time to give up on it – who needs a lightbulb-munching lamp? Especially at the price of halogen bulbs. I was planning to get one tonight after work, but then when I went to leave work my front bike tire was a little flat and refused to allow more air in. (I’m not great with bike tires, but a coworker stopped to help, so after two people and three pumps, I’m pretty sure the problem was with the valve and not me.) So I rode it home (fortunately it wasn’t too flat), tied up the bike at the hitching post outside my building, put away my laptop and changed to low-heeled shoes, walked my bike to the bike store (the bike was rideable, the shop is just on the other side of a busy pedestrian area) where the guy fixed it. He filled the tire with compressed air and said he heard the little ball in the valve click into place, so it out to be OK. Then I took the bike from there, near one end of the mall, to the other end where the lamp store is, locked it up there, went in a bought a lamp, left it in the store while I ate dinner, got the lamp and then managed to get home the lamp (about 6′ tall with a weighted base) and the bike home simultaneously. The bike was happy enough to bear the weight, but the balance was definitely tricky! Getting it all though three locked doors and down two flights of stairs to the storage room where the bike lives was particularly interesting. Of course I could have locked up the bike outside my building again, taken the lamp up, and then taken the bike down, but by then I was getting interested in seeing how efficient I could manage to be. 🙂

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  1. Kiwi says:

    Do you have any ad-blockers in place? I’ve found that sometimes they mess up my ability to see YouTube videos, especially if a fresh update of the blocker’s been downloaded.

  2. terri t says:

    I came over to visit from LA’s blog….Congratulations on getting her award……I will be back again.

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