do what?

How odd. A Dutch friend of mine emailed “Shall we do something for fun the weekend of july 24/25?” That sounds good to me, except I find I have absolutely no idea of what “something fun” here is. I did ask if she has anything in mind; she wrote back “not yet but we can think of something!”

I mean, what I do for fun here is 1. unsociable activities, like reading or knitting 2. rowing (she’s a rower but is taking this month off before plunging into serious training) 3. touristing – going somewhere and walking around to see what is to be seen but she’s Dutch, and so cathedrals and canals and harbors are nothing new) 4. shopping, either for stuff or at the outdoor town market (but I suspect she doesn’t enjoy recreational shopping and buying produce at the town market is not new for her either). So none of those are likely.

In AZ I’d have suggested a hike or a trip to an arboretum if it weren’t too hot, or maybe the Heard Museum (Indian artifacts) if it were. This is a small city, and I’ve already been to all of its museums. And I don’t quite know about hiking in a place that’s entirely flat. So I have no idea. I could be in for anything from a movie to a trip to the Amsterdam zoo to the seaside to a bike ride into Belgium (there’s a monastery there that brews beer – people ride out, havea couple, and ride back).

Sounds like fun, whatever. It’s just sort of weird not to have any idea what people are likely to mean by “fun”!

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  1. ladyloo says:

    If the weather is nice, that brewery makes for a nice day trip. And the beer is very good.

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