a slow day

I came home last night instead of staying over at Koblenz because I really needed a nothing day, to relax and do all the stuff you do when hanging out at home. And I *did* relax, but as for doing nothing….

I slept late – all the way to a decadent 8AM. (Party animal, me.) Had a bagel and tea, websurfed a bit, and eventually got on the erg and cranked out 10km. Showered, put a few things away, talked to Ted, downloaded yeterday’s photos, biked over to see the damage on the canal from Wednesday’s storm (huge trees ripped out by the roots – it may be a while until we can row again, unfortunately), rode to a cafe and had a caprese salad, finished a sock heel (it’s been languishing because it’s been too hot to knit) finished dealing with the photos, wrote up a blog entry about yesterday’s trip, started laundry, went grocery shopping, did homework from Dutch class, mended the hem of my good black work slacks.

It sounds like a lot when you list it all together like that, doesn’t it?

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  1. terri t says:

    Yes it does…..and it must make you feel like you accomplished something too. Glad you had a day filled with little bits to make a day go by.

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