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I was virtuous this morning. I woke up early and erged (just a little – an easy 5km, because I haven’t been doing the get up and row thing). Then I walked across the centrum for a presentation I had to attend at the hotel where my department management is meeting, walked back and biked to work. So it was my first time biking in after erging. Then I had a brilliant idea, so this afternoon I will be less virtuous than smarter. We have lots of people in town for said big meeting, all staying at said hotel. So I asked one of them (my former boss from Taiwan) for a ride home. I will leave my bike here overnight.

This is smart because tomorrow I have to turn in my car. So I will drive here but then since my bike is already here I can ride home. This also gets me out of riding home today in the rain, though that may not be a big plus since they’re predicting thunderstorms tomorrow.

I may change my mind, though. The sun’s peeking out now and it’s looking kind of pleasant out there. I decided to bike in today mostly based on the realization that I enjoy it, and I don’t really enjoy driving much (still having some issues with it – and I haven’t driven on a highway at all here).

Next week, I will be a full-time cyclist, pretty much – there is also the option to take the bus. But I only have a 3.5 day week, because I’m going to London for Knit Nation. Yay!!

I realized a few days ago that this means I woujd really like to finish my current sock project this weekend, but I don’t know if that will work out. I did the heel of the second sock last weekend, but haven’t worked on it since – tonight will be my fourth night out this week (Dutch lesson, work dinner, Dutch lesson AND stitch’n’bitch group, and tonight is rib night with the other American expats. Such a giddy whirl.

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