horrible timing

I am home sick today with a fever and gunk in my lungs, which would be OK except for the feeling crappy part, except that I am supposed to leave for Knit Nation in London on Thursday afternoon. If I don’t go, I can’t get refunds on my classes or train ticket; if I cancel by tomorrow I can get 50% back on my room.

Anyway, I really really want to go.

I will go to the doctor tomorrow morning, and see if he has an opinion on whether I can go, whether I’m likely to be contagious, and if he can give me drugs to mask the symptoms.

Other than that it’s a great time to be sick – half of my company is on holiday now through the beginning of September so work is very quiet. You have to call the Salary Office and announce that you’ll be out, then they call you back in the afternoon to see what’s wrong with you. Fortunately she didn’t call when I was out shopping, though I think a trip to the drugstore for a thermometer and meds when one lives alone is a pretty unimpeachable reason to be out. But I wouldn’t have thought to bring my work phone. I suppose she’d have left a message or called back.

Anyway, I spoke to her a bit about the expectations for being home while sick, and they are basically “don’t come in until you’re not sick any more” She also made a comment that my coworkers do not want to hear me coughing – true enough, but quite different (a pleasant change!) from US expectations. I don’t suppose I’ll listen to her since I’ve had coughs linger for a week or two, but I will at least wait until I’m not gagging on what the Dutch so charmingly call “slijm” (that is, slime) when I do cough.

If I don’t feel better by tomorrow, I guess I’ll also call my US credit card which which I made all the reservations just to see if they have any travel cancellation insurance. I don’t think so, but it’s worth asking.

At least I’m doing a decent job of ‘mothering’ myself. I’ve only felt like eating liquidy things today – fruit, soup. I have a lot of fruit thanks to Saturday’s trip to the Woensel Markt and my friend Lieke’s overenthusiasm there – since we both live alone, we split everything we brought, and so I have oranges, peaches, nectarines, grapes and cherries. I was regretting not having much soup on hand and debating, while at the drugstore, if I had enough energy to deal with the grocery store, until I remembered that the closest one is closed for remodeling. (Sigh. American supermarkets just don’t *do* that.) I definitely didn’t feel up to going to the next nearest, so imagine how pleased I was to look in the cabinet and find some cup-a-soup and the local equivalent of the boxed Lipton’s instant soup.

I guess the Dutch are one up and one down today (sick time policy FTW, closed supermarket on the downside) and a big one up over Taiwan because at least I could use Google Translate on my iPhone to figure out which medicine to buy. Then again, if I were still in Taiwan I’d have had Nyquil (brought from the US), Robitussin (Costco) and a thermometer already on hand, plus Ted to feed me. But I can’t blame local culture for that!

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2 Responses to horrible timing

  1. LA says:

    Oh boy, I am sorry you’re feeling so punk. That stinks. Good for you (and your company!) for knowing when to lie down already and give your body a chance to heal up. I do hope you don’t have to forfeit your knitting adventure though.

    Wishing I could dose and mother you with soups, teas, and nostrums. ~LA

  2. terri t says:

    I also hope you were able to go on that knitting trip you had planned……and that the soup and fruit will help you get over this illness.

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