I think I finally have this layering thing more or less down. Because it’s been cool either inside my office or outside, most of my recent outfits have involved a minimum of three pieces (not including shoes, socks, or underwear). What has been difficult is to keep wearing summer clothing when it’s dreary out, but I think I give up on that. After all, I’ve spent all but one of the last fifteen years in climates where summer lasts well into October; this year I can wear fall clothes and by golly I’m gonna.

Because apparely nothing says autumn to me like leather and/or wool, my favorite recent outfits were two variants I wore last week. Pattern seems to be a big help in piling layers together and keeping them coordinated. My maroon gabardine sheath dress is always a bit difficult to plan as part of any outfit more complex than ‘dress, tights, shoes’, but it worked very well over buff tights and under a flowered cardigan in ivory with flowers in reds and blues with green leaves. I wore brown mary-jane pumps below all that. On top of that I had a dark red scarf and espresso leather blazer, though sadly I had to take those off indoors. I liked the evening version of the outfit even better – I traded the dress and tights for a T-shirt in a dusty dark red over olive drab cargos. Espresso boots would have been perfect under the cargos but it was too hot, so I wore penny loafers.

And today I am wearing a vest I knit – as far as I’m concerned, any outfit that incorporates something I made myself is a good outfit. The vest is green and I’have it over khaki-colored jeans and a light taupe jersey top.

All of the outfits I can remember for the past couple of weeks have had 3-5 pieces instead of a basic top and bottom, and I think most of them looked reasonably good on me. I feel like I should get a gold star or something. Layrered with silver, perhaps.

Also, last Friday I bought the fall jacket I’ve been waiting for fall to get – it’s basically a simplified version of a short trench – all of those flaps and buckles and buttons on a real trench look like a bit too much detail on me. This one is short enough to cycle in (a little above my knees), has a belt for shape, a wide collar, and a covered placket up the front. It’s in a cafe au lait color that’s a lot better on me than beige. But the funny thing is, it was half price because it was left over from the summer line. It feels sort of odd to be living in a place that sells special jackets just for summer!

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