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As bloggers go, I am a very small fish – I hardly ever get much attention, rarely more than a couple of comments per post. In general I don’t mind; it means that people respond when they’re been really interested in or touched by something I’ve said and not to just join a pile-on, and if I say something people don’t agree with they tend to ignore me or even better to disagree thoughtfully and not just to jump in and start pouring acid. I like thoughtful disagreement. I’m wrong a lot and I’d like to be wrong less. Further, even if I’m right (or if it’s a subjective thing where no one is right or wrong) it’s good to understand why people disagree.

But sometimes it’s nice to get more feedback either for validation (I’d say I’m an attention whore but I don’t like the ‘whore’ part of that – I like attention but I won’t do *anything* for it) or because I could use advice. Also, getting less feedback means I appreciate the comments I do get a lot! (On the LJ or DW reflections, I answer comments because commenters get notified. On the independent page I usually don’t because I don’t expect people to come back to read answers – but if something needs an answer I usually reply via email, except to trolls.)

This is one of the latter times. I’ve been making more things again. Maybe I’m just not creative when it’s hot out, but I’m knitting more lately and I’ve written a few poems for the first time in a while and even submitted one. One problem I have with that is that I know a lot of the venues for fantasy and SF poems, but could use suggestions for where to send stuff with more general themes. (Note: I had a few in Every Day Poems, but they’re off limits now because I read slush there.) My poems tend to vary a lot: rhyming, not rhyming, formal, freeform. They are generally shorter rather than longer (say, mostly under 50 lines) but not twitterpoems. Ideas?

Virtual kisses and bonus points if you’ve read my stuff and know of a venue where you think it would fit well.

Also, I’ve been knitting more. Now that the Wombat Blanket is done, I’ve fixed a few issues with the pattern (the border instructions weren’t right) and you can download it from Ravelry or here. Most of my knitting in the next couple of months will be on the complicated sweater for Ted, half a remaining baby sock and a pair of child socks for said baby’s big sister. But it would be nice to start thinking about a new pattern for whenever I do have spare knitting time. (Desite having yarn and vague plans for at least two more (simpler) sweaters.) So what should I invent?

I could make a simple sweater (don’t have the fitting skills for a complex one), though a smaller project would be nicer. Socks? A wrap? something for the house? Again, ideas welcome.

All of the patterns I’ve created so far are at Ravelry or on my home blog page in the left sidebar.

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2 Responses to one fish, two fish, red fish, little tiny fish

  1. Sue says:

    I’m sorry I can’t hep you with poems and publishing but I’ve made your Semi-Swedish Hat pattern and love it for the Escher-like patterning it has. More colorwork patterns that show off your mathematical/scientific mind is what I would like to suggest. Sue

  2. Bex says:

    I don’t know if you’ve ever made one, but I’d love to see you knit a poncho. My mother knit several of these when I was a young person and it was the nicest, warmest outer garmet I ever had. It was fairly long-ish, the points went down to the knee, and just had a hole for the neck, but it was doubled-up yard, bright red and gray, and I’m sorry now that I’ve lost it somewhere down the road of my life. I’ve wanted to try making one myself but I haven’t knitted for decades upon decades and wouldn’t know how to begin.

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