more fun with clothing (aka dressing in costumes isn’t necessarily bad, if you’re stealthy about it)

What I like about layering clothing is the increased potential for stealth superhero outifts. Mostly that’s about the leggings, as well as the increased potential that the lowest layer of my top (not including bra) is a knit material that gives me a lot of freedom of motion. Not that I actually need much freedom of motion, since my workday mostly involves sitting at my desk with occasional breaks for the excitement of walking over to someone else’s office! Maybe even up or own steps! On the other hand it does make cycling to work more comfortable.

Today’s outfit begins with a fine-knit t-shirt in an odd shade of salmon pink, with a gray skirt of something like parachute material with odd pleats / creases sewn in over it, topped off with a black cardigan in soft wool, with hanging fronts that could be tied at the waist (but which I’m currently leaving hanging. To come in to work, I wore my black Goretext shell jacket and a gray cotton knit scarf.

If Metropolis were suddenly threatened by a rampaging supervillain (and assuming I had superpowers to begin with and wouldn’t just be going to a messy death), I could whip off the cardi and skirt, somehow convert either the scarf or the drapey cardi into a cape and become …. um, yeah. I confess that my mind boggles a bit at the idea of a superhero garbed in salmon pink. However, I suspect any handy six-year old girl could help me figure out an appropriate hero-name and superpowers.

Come to think of it, maybe it’s a jewelry-based superpower like the Green Lantern. The most pleasing part of getting dressed this morning was realizing that the rhodochrosite necklace I bought in Buenos Aires matches the salmon pink perfectly.

ETA: I just noticed my typo in Gore-Tex above. Would Goretext be futuristic smart material that not only keeps you dry but has words scrolling across it?

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