three annoyances and one discovery to make it all better

Rather annoying: a couple of poems I submitted to a new venue managed to get themselves lost, and there was no way for me to know that before learning that the lineup for the first issue was closed. To be clear, I’m not annoyed at the editor (who searched her mailbox promptly as soon as I queried) because there was nothing she could have done either. I’m just annoyed at the way every so often the Internet decides to swallow emails the way a dryer swallows socks.

Also annoying: the cardigan, worn 2-3x, that developed a hole along one seam as I was taking it off yesterday. I might be able to fix it since it is on a seam, but it’s a fine enough knit that it will be tricky.

And third, an open letter, addressing yet another annoyance:

Dear men:

Please shower at least every few days. Y’all get stinky otherwise, which is not nice for anyone around you.

those of us with a working sense of smell

(Yesterday, I noticed in the elevator that one of my colleagues was a bit pungent. Today the problem had advanced to the point that I left the cafeteria as soon as I had eaten. muttering something about needing to get back to work. Ew.)

However, to counteract all of that annoyance, I just found out that all of the Weetzie Bat books have been collected into one volume, Dangerous Angels – and it’s available for the Kindle. $9.99 for that whole set has to be one of the great bargains (it can be got even cheaper in paperback). Those books make me almost like LA, in the way that Sean Stewarts books make me almost love Houston. (It’s easier to make me like LA, actually – Houston and I already have an existing dysfunctional relationship, in which I hate it except for the things about it that I love.)

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