My Kindle just went splat, down onto the tiled bathroom floor and of course it was face-down rather than face up where it would have been cushioned by the nice leather cover.

I have the money to get a new one; the problem is time; even if I do the expedited shipping which says it gets here in 2-3 days there is no way in hell that it will clear Dutch customs before I leave Sunday for two weeks in Taiwan. I do not want to have it shipped to Taiwan, because I got this one there, and getting it through customs was a horrible painful experience. I expect Dutch customs to be slow but at least the language issues are much less. I have the iPhone and can get my Kindle books on it, but reading on that screen isn’t all that much fun for long. I guess I will have to suck it up and read paper books for three weeks. At least this happened before this trip, so I know to bring them. And I don’t have to bring them back; all the ones I’m done with can be left for the movers to ship with Ted’s stuff.

The fact that it’s upsetting to me to have to go on a trip Kindle-less is a comment not only on the effort to carry paper books, but on how pleasant I find reading on the device. Pity I seem to be going through one per year.