Well, really Monday evening by the time I get off the plane. It’s just a very looooong tomorrow.

I feel like I should be doing something to mark having the bed to myself for the last time tonight (last time until one of us has a business trip, anyway). However, I suppose bringing home strange men wouldn’t be such a good idea, even if the Saturday night crowd at the student bars only a block away provides convenient hunting grounds for a cougar prowl.

(Ew. Now I’ve grossed myself out. Not the age thing, though there is an out-of-practice factor, just that even when I was a college student I never went home with someone I wasn’t at least friends with. I do not believe I would be changing that rule now if I were to turn non-monogamous tomorrow.)

Jumping on the bed won’t work either, since it’s a foam mattress with no springs.

Also, the local mosquito population is hereby put on notice: sharing the bed with you guys is NOT what I had in mind here. And no, last night wasn’t good for me. Please go find a stagnant pond somewhere to hang out in, instead.

I am a little sad that the email from KLM reminded me to check in for my flight to “Chinese Taipei”. If I were Taiwanese I think I’d be livid.