aw, *crap*

Good thing I checked the train schedule tonight. Apparently they’re doing a big test tomorrow of a special winter storm schedule – instead of the trains going on their normal runs they would be doing a bunch of shorter ones instead. The thought is apparently that this way outages are less likely to, er, snowball into a giant system-wide delay.

This means that instead of taking one train to Schiphol that gets me there in under an hour and a half, I take a train to s’Hertogenbosch, change trains and go to Utrecht, change again to Duivendrecht, and from there take a local train to Schiphol. The whole journey will take just under two hours. The increased time doesn’t bother me, but those three changes are not going to be easy with a big suitcase. I don’t think any of the platforms are back to back, either, so I’ll have go downstairs, over, and back up. I think all stations have escalators going up, but some only have stairs going down. Phooey.

Last I heard, they’re not actually expecting much or any snow this winter.

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