figured it out, for once!

The hard part of packing for a trip, for me, has always been figurin out what books and what knitting to take. The Kindle (and pinch-hitter iPad) solved the former – just take them all! – but the latter was threatening to be a space issue. I’m 12 rows from the armpits of Ted’s sweater. They’re long rows, 278 stitches and colorwork, so it would likely have been enough work for at least the plane ride in. But that’s a fairly big thing to knit in an airplane seat, and I’d also have to take at least two more balls of yarn with me, more if I continued on the yoke after binding off fo the armholes.

The aha! moment, is that I just won’t do that. The directions say to set the body aside after binding off the underarms and make sleeves, so I’ll just do that early. Then I only have to cast on for the sleeves before I leave (the first few rows use smaller needles; I want to have that done so I don’t need the extra needles in my carry-on) and take that much smaller piece of knitting along. Yay!

(I know others have been using sleeves for travel knitting for years. All I can say is, there are many like it but this one is mine.)

Now if I could only find my little case of knitting tools amid the post-move chaos…

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