After all that I actually got to the airport a bit early – about three hours ahead of my flight. The trickiest part was getting to the station – luckily they had a spot to cross through the runners that wasn’t too far out of my way. I have a couple of friends who ran half of it – wonder how they did?

The annoying thing about the train was that apparently no one fugured put that if you’re running on a reduced schedule you might want to add a few extra cars to each train. I and lots of others ended up standing for two of the four legs.

Lucky fir me there’s a spa in the airport now, so after getting a sandwich and checking in, I passed some of the time pleasantly with a neck and shoulder massage, then some more upstairs in the comfy chairs, eating my sandwich.

My next challenge will be getting into our apartment in Taipei – I have a key, but not the keyfob to get into the building. With luck I’ll get there before the doorman leaves, or else after Ted gets home.