Today (after Scalzi)

Today I do have to think about those four guys arrested for trying to torch synagogues – just like the ones I grew up going to, like the ones my mom attends weekly.
Today I do have to think about whether the moves to eject Roma and ban burqas in Europe means they’ll be after me next.
Today I do have to think about how my gender affects how I’m perceived at work, whether if someone ignores what I have to say it’s because I said it wrong or because I’m small and wearing a skirt.

None of those things will kill me today; none will even hurt me (today) in ways I can perceive; I’d be a little less than human if I didn’t use them to remind myself of how many things I don’t have to think about today. And to think about those things, and about what I could do to move the world a micron toward the place where fewer other people have to think about them.

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