seven degrees

How odd. I didn’t even know Chelsea Clinton was married (just saw a picture of her wedding dress in a magazine) but I’ve actually met her father-in-law. I should note, this was long before his time in federal prison. He came to our synagogue while running for something or other – probably his losing bid for the Senate in 1980. So I guess I’m only two or three degrees away from a President and Sec’y of State – though on the other hand, probably anyone who’s ever shaken hands with a Congresscritter can say the same.

As far as brushes with celebrity go, I think the first comment on the previous entry (from the author of the book I was writing about) is a lot more exciting, even if I suspect she doesn’t exactly think of herself as a celebrity. In my world, being known for writing good books outranks being known for fraud and who your kid marries, any day.

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