plants fear me

I think I’ve just achieved a new record for blackness of thumb. Most people content themselves with killing plants on an ad-hoc basis, but I have just managed to pre-emptively kill an entire garden.

I went to set it up and forgot two things: I am in Europe. And I wasn’t when I used it before.

I finally found a plug converter that would work (most of ours don’t seem to accomodate a bigger left prong) but forgot to use a transformer – unlike most of our electronics, the AeroGarden isn’t set up to work with any voltage. Thank goodness most of our electronics, like the computers and the iPods, iPad and Kindle are intelligently designed to be more forgiving or they’d probably be toast by now too.

Aerogarden does seem to have a European distributor but I don’t think I’ll look into that any time soon – I was setting it up now in hopes of being at home long enough to enjoy the produce, but even that won’t work if we go away for Thanksgiving. Once the plants are producing the garden tends to need water every day. They last for 3 months or so, and we tend to have trouble finding a travelless period that long.

Still, oops. It is pretty cool having teeny tomatoes or peppers or herbs handy.

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  1. LA says:

    I used to want one of those, but recently hit a wall about volunteering to take care of any new living things. No garden. No more pets. Nuttin’. I’m pooped with the nurturing. ~LA

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