Gah. Visual migraine again for the second time this week, or rather what the company doctor called “migraine pro-droma”. I went to see him because he’s there and because the visual obscuration on Monday was about the worse I’ve ever had. He agreed that it was migrain despite the lack of headache, told me my blood pressure was a little high and I should see my own doctor about both of those things, so I have an appointment for next Friday. He said the doctor should give me drugs; considering that the effects generally last half an hour or less, that there’s minor pain or none, and that migraine drugs don’t seem to be all that effective for other people, I’m doubting that part will happen.

Meanwhile, I’ve identified another trigger. On Saturday, Ted bought a coffee maker (our completely-furnished apartment came without one, which is nearly sacrilegious here). On Sunday I lived dangerously and had not one but two (small-ish) cups of coffee. Surprisingly it didn’t affect my stomach at all, but then as mentioned there was the worst migraine aura ever on Monday. Looking back at my notes of previous episodes I found that three of the last four were on the day of or day after I had coffee, and I hardly ever have coffee. So that may be related. I thought the word was “is” instead of “may be” but on Tuesday Ted started coming down with a cold – and the two triggers I already knew about were him being sick (don’t ask me why, I report correlations) and me having sinus issues. So his cold could be a factor. My sinuses felt fine then, but today they were hurting (and his cold seems a bit worse) so I was pretty much expecting today’s episode. I’m not thrilled to be right. This makes five times for this year, compared to three last year, though it’s always possible there was a minor issue or two I missed last year. I think so far I can assume that’s in the range of noise, not trend.

Aside from that, today is much better (so far) than yesterday. Yesterday was just fine until about 3PM, when it all went to hell. It’s work stuff and boring so I won’t detail it, but basically I spent one meeting being told why someone can’t do something agreed to, and then promptly received an email from someone else refusing help on another part of the same problem. After getting home, I found that the pin I’d been wearing to hold my shawl[1] closed was missing – and it’s a dichroic glass one I bought in Tasmania, not expensive but completely irreplaceable. We’d stopped at the supermarket on the way home so it could have been anywhere.

This morning I found the pin in the same meeting room where my day fell apart and then got the other stuff worked out. I’ve still got a four-hour meeting to get through this afternoon; I don’t expect it to be easy, but I hope it will at least be constructive.

[1] The shawl was actually a high point of yesterday. I wore skinny gray jeans and a lightweight cotton blouse with a tab collar. Over this I had a long gray cardigan in a fine knit, and then a turquoise shawlette (my Damson) on my shoulders. The combination of fabric swishing around my hands when I walked and the feel of something over my shoulders kept making me think, “Wait, what did I put on this morning? Am I wearing a cape? So at least that was fun – and I got to wear the dichroic pin plus some dichroic earrings I’d made, so that was good too.