This guy claims not to be much of a reviewer, but his writeup of PC Cast’s Goddess by Mistake is my idea of a useful review. This shows exactly why I say that a good review isn’t one that tells me if the reviewer liked the book, but whether I will. As it happens, he loved this one and I found it somewhat amusing and very annoying – but if I’d read his review before I read the book, I’d have known that. (The problem for me isn’t the noble warrior centaurs but Ms. “I need a girlfriend because boyz are only for teh seks” Shannon. It’s not that she’s not realistic, it’s that the women she reminds me of are people I don’t like much.)

Moving on to much more minor annoyances, The Dragon’s Apprentice is making me wish yet again that James Owen would find himself a beta reader with a good ear for early to mid-century Oxford English. Also, so much seems to have happened since the end of The Shadow Dragons that I went looking to see if I’d missed a book between them. The fact that I’m reading this, the fifth book in the series, gives you a good idea of my general opinion of the books, and there are actually a lot fewer clunkers than in the first book (the addition of more and more original characters helps a lot) but every once in a while something is just jarring (I suspect an Oxford-turned-Cambridge don in 1945 would say “the American Revolution” or “the American War of Independence”, not “the Revolutionary War” when speaking to an English audience.)