Well, spit and dirty socks. Yesteday I had the conference with the doctor to discuss the results of my 24-hour blood pressure test. I don’t trust that meter to be accurate – whenever I was moving around or even just moving my arm it had to take two or three attempts, and in my experience that always results in a higher reading. It came out with an average of around 160/95 (again, interesting, because when he took it in his office yesterday it was 140/90) which the doctor says is way too high for someone my age. So he put me on blood pressure meds – Lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor. We talked for a while about me being a rower, and he took that into account; he’d originally been going to give me a beta blocker, which I think might be bad for racing. Also, according to Dr. Internet this is seriously contraindicated for anyone who is pregnant, so kudos to the doctor for believing me when I say I am not planning to. Finally, the one thing that makes this more tolerable is that it’s one tiny pill a day, only.

On the bad side, I’ve never had any health condition requiring long-term medication, so this is making me feel very, very old and infirm. I hate the idea of having to take this into account. (Assuming it works, I guess it’s better to be dealing with medication than with actual high BP.) Further, we still want to take a year off and travel when we get back to the US so please, America, get your shit together in terms of medical insurance. Preferably by next summer.

So we’ll see. I’m supposed to go back in two weeks to discuss how it’s working. Also, what do I do about my pretzel addiction?