1. I felt awful last night – our best guess is that it was a spot of mild food poisoning. I didn’t feel queasy, but suddenly got very sleepy around 7PM and my gut was otherwise unsettled the rest of the evening. (I also, somehow while food-shopping on the way home, got what tasted like hot peppers under my fingernails which then burned my lips and the back of my throat, causing it to close up a bit and me to worry briefly if I might be having an allergic reaction to the new pills. However, if I did, I doubt it would come on that quickly. Still, I stayed close to Ted just in case.

2. Ted’s stuff is not here yet – it’s scheduled to arrive November 30 and will then take a week or so (I hope not more!) to get through customs. This means it’s yet another year when we will not have both ergs here for at least part of the annual Concept 2 Holiday Challenge. At least we have one here, which makes it much, much easier than having to go to the boathouse to erg. Maybe I’ll get really ambitious and wake up early to erg before work instead of after.

3. To the Harry Potter movie makers: You forgot something, and it’s important:


There, fixed that for you. Unless you were planning to start Part 2 with it with a view of Dobby’s grave?