Yep, it must be Thanksgiving. No, not because of time off or impending turkey; that’s been a bit chancy the past few years. This year we’ll have it Saturday, weather permitting (we have no snowtires, snow or freezing rain are possible). No, it’s because of something much more inevitable: tonight I erg the first meters of the annual Concept 2 Holiday Challenge. This will be my 9th year, though it looks like I may have done the short version in 2006 (we were on a cruise) and skipped 2007 entirely (I had a bad cough and a foot injury). But every other year I’ve done the full 200,000 meters, and I don’t see any reason this year should fall short. There will be a few challenges, like having to make up for not erging while we’re gone this weekend and only having one erg for a lot of the time, but then we only owned one every year until 2006, anyway.

I’ve had a couple of days of being oddly tired, which may have been due to the blood pressure pills or to something else entirely. Monday there was the sudden-onset sleepiness and yesterday (Wednesday – Tuesday I was OK) I woke up still feeling physically tired, but got pregressively better all day. I figure a planned daily erg piece is probably not a bad way to see if there’s something real happening or just a one-time oddity or adjustment. I’m OK today, anyhow.

We had dinner with a rowing friend last night; it sounds like there might not be much time on the water this winter due to low temperatures, so it’s good to have something to to stay motivated.