I have officially been living abroad too long; yesterday I gave someone a US address and forgot to include the state *facepalm* (Both Taiwan and the Netherlands are small enough that addresses go “street, city, country”, or in the case of Taiwan “floor, number, lane, street, district, city, country” with no need for a state or province.)

I’m tired again today, but no worries about it this time: I erged 7000m last night after getting home from work and then woke up early and did a similar piece this morning. (Similar distance, anyway; I’m always slower in the early AM.) So that’s no surprise. With luck I’ll have enough time to erg when we get home Sunday, so I’ll only be one day behind. Ted did a half-marathon last night, so he’s got the next few days’ allotment covered.

Hope y’all who celebrate it had a good Thanksgiving, and ejoy the rest of the long weekend. We’re looking forward to our late one this weekend, weather permitting. (Quote from cousin, last night: “It’s started to snow, but it’s not sticking yet.” Very reassuring, without snowtires. And it’s foggy here.) And yay! Wednesday begins Chanukah, so I get to give presents soon 🙂