It has been a Weekend of Packing and (mostly) Unpacking – on Friday all of our stuff from Taiwan got delivered, except of course fort he comparatively few things I bought with me in April. Since our furnished apartment here is much more completely furnished than the one in Taiwan (came with pots, dishes, sheets, towels) and also has less storage space, a fair amount of it will stay in boxes in our storage room. The worry is that so far we haven’t found our good china and crystal, except for the teacups.

On the packing front, my gift for the knitting group’s Sinterklaas exchange is done, assembled, and looks awesome, but I can’t post a picture yet because it’s Seekrit.

I was a bad girl and never sent out a general change-of-address email for my latest move – maybe that’s understandable since between us Ted and I have moved four times this year! (Me from Taiwan -> Netherlands, him getting all of our US stuff moved from storage to the Oregon house, me moving across town to a apartment better suited to the two of us, him from Taiwan -> here.) So since almost all of the people I exchange cards with are on Facebook, I posted a note to email or message me there if anyone needs the newest address – I hope that doesn’t come off looking like a request for more cards. Just in case, I posted a comment to that effect. I’ve gotten our holiday letter drafted, too; as usual, it focuses mostly on where we’ve been. Apparently we’ve been slacking, having only visited four continents this year. I hope no one finds our annual letter too obnoxious; we’ve been lucky to be able to travel a lot over the past several years but I try to list it as a statement of fact hat we enjoyed it and not make it sound like we think it’s an achievement on our parts. We do omit most small negative things like me being put on blood pressure pills, though I mention the big ones, like us living apart this year or the family deaths in each of the last three years. Now there’s a thing to be glad about in 2010: no one I love died this year.