I’ve just realized that today’s outfit is unusually international, even for me. It’s just a sweater over a t-shirt, cords socks, clogs
and unobtrusive jewelery, but I acquired the various parts of it in London, Milan, Taipei, Eindhoven, and the US (hard to be more specific on that last, since they were ordered online). And I knitted the socks myself, wiht US (Knitpicks) yarn in the US and the Netherlands.

I’ve just learned that it is possible (and has been for months now) to share Ravelry projects outside the Rav website. So you can see the Forever Sweater that I’ve been working on since August here, though at this point it’s really more of a For a Little While Longer Sweater. The picture there is a few weeks old; I’ve now got several inches of the red part done and in fact there are only 14 more rows until I get to bind off stitches and start shaping the collar. Since I got about 7 rows done at knitting the other night, and I get to decrease by 8 stitches every other row, this is looking more and more feasible, though I’m pretty sure I won’t get the steeking done until we’re in the US. I’ll have to either take sewing gear or borrow some from my MIL, or use her sewing machine, which would be even better!

Since I’ve been working on this for so long, there are a ton of other things I want to knit – a very lightweight sweater for me is one but I think I’ll stick to small projects for a bit, simple socks or armwarmers and so on. I’ve also just realized a friend’s announcement that she is both pregnant and about to move to a place with very cold winters demands knitted tribute – maybe it’s time to finally try a Baby Surprise Jacket.