Grr. Airline website is not letting me check in, despite the cheery “You can check in now!” email. Liars. Once I got partway into the process, but mostly I haven’t gotten that far. I suppose it doesn’t matter that much, with assigned seating. (I’m never actually convinced that checking in ahead of time provides *any* benefit, if you need to check bags anyway. It’s possible they may prioritize upgrades by who (who has high frequent flyer status) checks in first, but I don’t think that’s likely this trip anyway.

(A bit later) Whew! FInally managed to check in. That was unnecessarily difficult.

Since Sinterklaasdag ended, they’ve been playing Christmas music on the radio station we listen to during our commute. A *lot* of CHristmas music – maybe not every song, but about every other one. So far there are a bunch we haven’t heard of. There are some hokey 1990s ones like “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, to which I keep wanting to answer “If they’re Christian, probably – and if not, why would they care?” Nope, American Christmas-celebrators, you still can’t assume the whole world is just like you. There’s also a frequently played easy-listening version of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. No, I don’t know why you’d need an easy listening version of a song originally recorded by Andy Williams, either.

One of the ones we don’t know is sung by someone voice sounds rather like Amy Winehouse’s, in a manner that suggests that she doesn’t care much for it and just wants to get the song over with. From the styling, it sounds like a fairly recent recording, but the chorus goes “humpity-hump-hump, choppity-chop, fa-la-fa-la hurray! Three Cheers for Mr. Snowman, for making us so gay!” Now, I am of the opinion that being gay is no more necessarily always about sex than being straight is (or at least that same-sex relationships are no more so – a lot of life is still about someone having to take out the garbage, or spending a pleasant evening with your partner eating dinner or watching a movie). Still, I have to wonder what the arranger was thinking there. “Humpity-hump-hump”?????

Just possibly that had no subtext in the 1950s, though I doubt it. But now?

We will be heading off shortly – staying near the airport tonight so we don’t have to be on the road at oh-god-o’clock tomorrow, and so I can introduce Ted to the Citizen M hotel, because I think it’s fun. Enjoy the time off – I think most of you get time off, or else the people you live with do and get to spend it with you. Merry CHristmas or Yule or Solstice, if you celebrate those. Happy New year. Stay safe, stay warm, stay loved.