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waves of feminism, musing, part deux

Note: the following applies to US feminism specifically; though I’ve seen the results of feminist movements in some other places, I don’t know enough about their history to make any intelligent comments. I still don’t believe in anything so defined … Continue reading

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Book rec: Shelf Discovery, by Lizzie Skurnick

Some time, i should try waiting until after I’ve read more than a little of a book before I begin to review it. Not today, though. Shelf Discovery is subtitled “Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading”, but that’s not quite … Continue reading

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Steam-Powered: comment after buying but before reading

Yesterday, because it sounds like an interesting book and it features stories by a bunch of authors I like, I bought Steam-Powered. I bought it directly from Torquere Press, since it doesn’t seem to be at Amazon yet. I was … Continue reading

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remembering heroes: NASA’s saddest week

Jan 27, 1967: Apollo 1 launchpad fire Jan 28, 2006, 25 years ago today: Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch Feb 1, 3002: Space Shuttle Columbia destroyed during re-entry Requiescat in pace: Grissom, Chafee, White, Scobee, McNair, Smith, … Continue reading

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the Romany boy and the rescue

Odd. I don’t usually have dreams with muc hnarrative detail, and it seems like the ones I do get tend to be a little disturbing. I was a girl at a boarding school, right before break; I’d just begun a … Continue reading

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book rec: Slow Fat Triathlete, by Jayne Williams

I am really liking this book, despite having very little interest in triathlons. I will probably never use any of her sport-specific advice (on gear or tri training or transitions from swim to bike for instance). On the other hand, … Continue reading

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some things I haven’t written about yet and

A happy thing: my first anthology (I mean, the first anthology to include writing of mine) is out: The Best of Everyday Poets, Vol. 1. A sad thing: the other day while driving home from work, I was thinking about … Continue reading

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last time I wrote this much about one book it was Deathly Hallows, and that had a whole series behind it

Jo Walton has an “Ask me questions about Among Others” post up. The question I’m not asking there is “How real (i.e. based on a real person) is Sam?” I want him to be based on a real person (or … Continue reading

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one disagreement so far

Oops. I found one thing that I think Jo Walton Mori got completely wrong. There is no way Harriet Vane – the woman who spent all of Gaudy Night pondering intellectual honesty, who nearly ruined her life earlier (in society’s … Continue reading

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here’s what you need to read

… if you either can’t get hold of Among Others yet, or if you’ve cruised through it at Mori speed and are feeling bereft. Or if your book is at home and you aren’t. Natalie Luhrs’ excellent interview with Jo … Continue reading

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