A happy thing: my first anthology (I mean, the first anthology to include writing of mine) is out: The Best of Everyday Poets, Vol. 1.

A sad thing: the other day while driving home from work, I was thinking about our second cat – given the health issues his new person was telling me about and some unhappy changes in her life, I was wondering if he’d have to be put to sleep. (We couldn’t take him back; our apartment won’t allow it. I checked.) I was wondering if they’d let me know so I could be there for him. A day later I got an email; the health issues were worse than expected; his kidneys had “shriveled away to nothing”, and they must have given him his final shot right about when I was thinking about him. This is the cat who never really bonded with us; from all accounts, he was a much better fit with his new people. He had someone who loved him with him at the end, making the hard decision; he spent the previous evening on the lap of someone he loved. I don’t really feel guilty because we did our best his whole life including finding him new people when we couldn’t take him to Taiwan; the one thing I feel bad about is that we never really did bond with him as we did with our other cat. We think he’d been abused before we got him; even though he was only about three months old then, he never really lost his fearfulness, and I think we just moved around too much for him. Goodbye, Coxswain; I hope you find soft laps and people who never startle you.

Something I just learned to do:

The first three are based on some flower photos we took at the Keukenhof last year; the last one was a sock I’d knitted and photographed sitting on a bush.