I am really liking this book, despite having very little interest in triathlons. I will probably never use any of her sport-specific advice (on gear or tri training or transitions from swim to bike for instance). On the other hand, as someone who’s been a slow short rower for over twenty years now, I can tell you that a lot of her general advice applies to a much wider range of sports:

Don’t worry about what you look like, just enjoy what your body can do. Start slow when you begin training, but aim big. Don’t underestimate yourself. Have fun. Have more fun. Find a sport you can get addicted to, and do.

I’d recommend this to anyone starting a new sport as an adult who doesn’t ever expect to be world champion but who just wants to try something new and to surprise themselves. I’d recommend it to someone who’s been doing a sport for years, who could use a little reinforcement or a reminder of how you got started, or someone who just enjoys the printed-word camaraderie of reading about someone else who loves her sport. And I’d really, really recommend it to anyone who wants to get up off her couch and make a change but who is thinking, “I could never do that,” whether “that” is a 5K fun run, wheelchair basketball, or skydiving.