Odd. I don’t usually have dreams with muc hnarrative detail, and it seems like the ones I do get tend to be a little disturbing.

I was a girl at a boarding school, right before break; I’d just begun a relationship with a very large guy or thought I had, but he’d had to leave to go home. But then he came back to say goodbye, and we kissed – he had to sit very low to make up for the difference in our height. He’d been worried about going home; he was Romany and there were some problems with his family, who didn’t want him to leave them and go to the school. When he was at home, though (a big cozy house, not a caravan or trailer) his family were very nice and supportive. The problem was with my mother; when I went home it turned out I had an identical twin (dream-me had always known, but it hadn’t turned up in the dream until then). Our mother was selling us as prostitutes; she covered this up by never letting anyone know there were two of us, so one could always be sent to school and she’d have the other to sell, or one could go out into the world if the other was recovering from bruises. I went back to school, told the boyfriend about all of this, and together we rescued my sister. Or maybe by then I was *both* twins in the dream. Anyway, then we decided we’d both date the guy together, on the theory that he wasn’t likely to object to a trio. He didn’t, but the dream pretty much ended there with us lounging on either side of him.

Parts of it were actually pretty nice: the guy was, and the relationship between the sisters, and the rescue worked so we were all safe at the end. Presumably I dream in YA or even MG fiction because there was no detail on the ugliest parts.

What does it say about me that the only original part of this dream was the unique abuse set-up? Seriously, I can identify the source of most the other components. Twins, abusive mother, boarding school: Among Others. Also, co-ed boarding school: probably comes from my own co-ed college dorm, as does starting a tentative relationship right before a break. (In my case, unfortunately, it didn’t survive the time off.) Girl not even up to the guy’s shoulders: I live in the Netherlands, remember? And I’m just about as high as my own husband’s shoulder, anyway. Conservative Rom parents: OK, I have no idea where that came from. Being both twins at once and dating the same guy: was in Spider Robinson’s Lady Slings the Booze, I think, though I haven’t read it for years. Why I should be inventing new forms of abuse in my dreams, I do not know, but I’d rather not.