Some time, i should try waiting until after I’ve read more than a little of a book before I begin to review it. Not today, though.

Shelf Discovery is subtitled “Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading”, but that’s not quite right; it begins with a loving essay on A Wrinkle in Time, which actually is one of the books I’ve mostly stopped terracing. It is so thoroughly part of me that I have no need to actually read it any more – at least not more than once very decade or two. There are the books here that built my soul, like that and a couple others by L’Engle; there are the ones that taught me about different parts of life (I bet I first read Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret a good five years before my first period – I was a late bloomer); there were the ones that taught me about different places and times and the ones that “only” entertained me and were some of my best friends and told me.

I think I’ve seen some of these essays before at, but I was glad to find the anthology (thanks, Maria!)- I always forget to look and see if there’s a new one up, and somehow it’s unsatisfying to read them only one at a time. One of my favorite genres is books about books and reading; another is girls’ books, so I’m very happy to have this combination.